A Leader’s Actions…

My mom gave me some great advice as an expectant young mother. She said, always model what you want from your child. If you want him to be kind, then be kind to others. You want him to say “please” & “thank you” then model that every chance you get. If you want him to eat veggies, eat them yourself.

Great leaders demonstrate their values through their actions. When they do this, it encourages trust, respect & integrity. Ts see admin taking risks, they’ll want to take those risks too. They see their leader struggling to learn the latest tech tool, they’ll learn it along side them as well. Leading by example makes people want to follow you. A leader’s actions can influence others to behave and respond in ways that are valuable and appropriate for that desired outcome. When leaders do this, they build strong relationships by mentoring & providing guidance. They create cohesive teams & earn loyalty.

Leading by example sounds easy, but many leaders just aren’t consistent with it. All leaders should practice what they preach and be mindful of their actions.

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